Safety 1st New-Born Care Vanity Artic - B076DPVDX2

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  • Digital thermometer with protective case and additional thermometer covers

  • The nasal aspirator will gently relieve baby's discomfort by removing excess mucus or discharge to help baby breathe easier

  • Fingertip toothbrush and fingertip toothbrush case. use the gum massager (nubby side) to help soother baby's sensitive gums and the infant toothbrush side to clean emerging teeth and soother tender gums.

  • Steady grip nail clippers, baby scissors and emery boards to keep your new-borns nails trim. the nail clippers unique soft touch design ensures a comfortable grip

  • The spray bottle is useful for wetting unruly hair

  • The new-born care vanity contains 8 essential items for caring about your new-born at home or while on the go. the set includes a digital thermometer with protective case, nasal aspirator, a vaporizer, baby scissors, nail clippers, emery boards (x5), a gum toothbrush with its case, as well as a travel case. this is an easy way to keep your health and grooming items with you at all times.

    Box Contains

    Digital thermometer with protective case; Nasal aspirator; Spray Bottle; Baby scissors; Nail clippers; Emery boards (x5);Gum stimulator; Gum stimulator case

    Safety 1st New-Born Care Vanity Artic - B076DPVDX2

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