'Black With Wooden Small Shoulder Bag (Handbag) - B076VQJZP6

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'Description: > 1?VE = wood coating Black, Small (handbag); > 100% handmade; > including shoulder/carrying strap, features:???These products are all of small stunt Ernehmern.Features:???After years Recherchieren set up new contacts, we have a large pool at family business able to find that this listing is for products.; Through Our offices, in Asia and Africa, we are able to both the source and quality of products as well as the working conditions in the field.; As all our products are made from natural ingredients and hand made in the UK, we can supply with each item a unique promise.Features:???On the responsible use natural materials is very important to us.; Please note that any diaper bags that we designed a handmade unique. Hence it is in the shape, colour, size and weight subject to minor variation, but it does not lack of a quality and/or workmanship. Please note in addition to the collar secure of your infant to avoid them eating store smaller items.Features:???Material: Fabric, Plastic and wooden decorations, country of origin: Tanzania; Manufacturer: PIDI Planet Design; Weight: Approximately 300?g; Height: Approx. 16?cm, width: approx. 17?cm, Depth: Approx. 12?cm

'Black With Wooden Small Shoulder Bag (Handbag) - B076VQJZP6

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